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1. Introduction

This agreement represents the contract, as a whole, between you and CORTEX INTELLIGENCE, and in this way, by downloading our application, you agree, without restriction, to accept the terms and conditions of use listed below, as the provisions contained in this Term of Use link the user of the mobile application of Cortex platform, external our privacy policy in the dissemination of its content and protect the software and the brand, in accordance with the provisions of federal laws N. 9.609/98 and 9.279/96.


2. Responsibilities

You are responsible for all the registration data provided and that will be used during the use of the Cortex platform, as well as for all activities that occur in your user accounts and must comply with all applicable municipal, state, federal and international laws, treaties and regulations relating to your use of the application, including those relating to data privacy, international communications and the transmission of technical or personal data. You should: (i) notify CORTEX INTELLIGENCE immediately of any unauthorized use of passwords or accounts or any other suspected security breach; (ii) Report to the CORTEX INTELLIGENCE immediately and employ reasonable efforts to immediately terminate any copy or distribution of content from which you have knowledge or suspicion; and (iii) do not pass yourself off as another user of the CORTEX INTELLIGENCE or provide false identity information to gain access to the content of the application.


3. Information about account and device data 

3.1. CORTEX INTELLIGENCE only offers the platform, not being and cannot be interpreted as owning the data, information, or materials you send to the application in the course of using it.

3.2. CORTEX INTELLIGENCE assumes no responsibility for any exclusion, correction, alteration, destruction, damage, loss or failure to store any customer data that is effected from an authorized access, using login and password Registered in the CORTEX intelligence information bases.

3.3 The client content data accessed via application will be the same as the web version, via cloud system, previously agreed with CORTEX INTELLIGENCE.

3.4. CORTEX INTELLIGENCE is solely responsible for storing data for login (user and password) for your convenience when accessing the platform. We do not have access to your password and the responsibility of the integrity of this data is up to you, as described in Item 1.

3.5. For the content accessed offline, CORTEX INTELLIGENCE uses data stored in memory (cache) on its servers for processing.

3.6. As for mobile data, CORTEX INTELLIGENCE collects and stores it when the application is installed and used by you. This includes operating system data, IP address, camera and location.


4. Payment

Use of the application does not entail any extra charges. However the login and password information will only be available to registered users, these are already paying customers for the CORTEX INTELLIGENCE services.


5. Intellectual Property

Trademarks, names, logos, domain names and other distinctive signs, as well as any and all content, design, artwork or layout published in the application, are the sole property of the CORTEX INTELLIGENCE. Nothing contained in the application should be interpreted as granting, by inference, or expiry, or any other form, of license or right of use of any commercial trademark displayed. Any acts or contributions intended to modify the characteristics, enlargement, alteration, merging or embedding in any other programs or systems are prohibited. Finally, any form of reproduction, wholly or partially, permanent, temporary or provisional, free or costly, under any modalities, forms or titles of the application, without the prior and express authorization of the CORTEX INTELLIGENCE, is fully sealed.

6. Provisions of the Forum

The competence for the knowledge, processing or judgement of any judicial, administrative or extrajudicial deed shall be the forum of the Rio de Janeiro county, in the state of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, renouncing the opposing party to any other, however privileged it may be.

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